Jonathan Moyo reveals deep connection with Zanu-PF

Abel Karowangoro

Former Information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, opened up about his long-standing association with the ruling party, Zanu-PF, revealed his deep-rooted ties with the political party, spanning back to his days as a student in California.

According to Moyo, his connection with Zanu-PF began when he received a scholarship through the party to pursue his undergraduate education at a university in California. During this time, he served as the political commissar of the Zanu-PF branch in Los Angeles, further solidifying his involvement with the party.

Moyo continued his academic journey with support from Zanu-PF, as he pursued his master’s and doctoral degrees under a staff development program at the University of Zimbabwe, funded by the Government of Zimbabwe and endorsed by the party.

The academic and political journey led Moyo to go through Mgagao, a military training facility associated with Zanu-PF, further intertwining his history and experiences with the party.

He acknowledged the complexities of his relationship with Zanu-PF and the impact it had on shaping his identity as an adult Zimbabwean.

“I do not have a fly by night connection with Zanu-PF,” Moyo said , expressing his pride in his history and ownership of his association with the party.

Moyo candidly discussed the challenges he faced with Zanu-PF, particularly during the military coup in 2017, which he described as a traumatic and life-changing experience for himself and his family. During that trying period, he openly blamed the party for the ordeal.

However, he also highlighted the unexpected turn of events, disclosing that he, his family, and his colleagues were able to survive the 2017 ordeal due to the direct and genuine assistance from Zanu-PF members.

He expressed gratitude towards “Zanu-PF people” who ensured their safety and helped them leave the country.

“It was Zanu-PF people who made sure that we were able to be safe and to get out of the country to be where I am today,” Moyo said

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