JIN AN honoured

Phillipa Jaja

Despite the disinformation on China peddled by some new outlets, Chinese companies in Zimbabwe continue to maintain good relations with communities in which they operate through Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

And their efforts continue to be recognised, as evidenced by the recent awarding of the Excellence in Community Empowerment & Social Impact Award to GWERU-based Chinese chrome smelter, Jinan Corporation, by the Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZW).

Jin An Corporation joins other Chinese companies, the likes of Dinson Colliery, Ming Chang Sino Africa and Bikita Minerals whose sterling social responsibility efforts have been recognised and awarded in the past.

Jin An Corporation is one of the top foreign currency earners in Zimbabwe, grossing at least US$25 million from ferrochrome exports.

The company, which was established in Zimbabwe in 2008, is a subsidiary of Sichuan Yiming Investment Corporation of China.

It has created jobs for the Gweru based community where it is based.

Increased diplomatic and economic engagement between China and Zimbabwe has seen many Chinese companies investing in the southern African country.

Chinese companies have helped improve the lives of local communities through various initiatives in their respective areas of operation which have also empowered them.

The companies have assisted in the area of health by providing vaccines to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, sponsoring education programmes and providing clean water to local communities among others.

Millions of dollars have also been poured into the education sector by different Chinese companies with the aim of providing a solid foundation for economic ddvelopment.

PG Foundation, a charitable arm of PG industries-a Chinese invested company-has been assisting vulnerable children from disadvantaged communities, while  Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, is playing its part in bridging the technical skills gap in Zimbabwe’s telecommunications sector through its Seeds for the Future program.

The program is Huawei’s global flagship CSR initiative that aims to nurture young ICT professionals in countries where Huawei operates. Beneficiaries of the program describe it as an eye-opener that has given them a new ICT perspective and broadened their career paths.


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