It’s not all gloomy after all

Shelly Guni

The current Netball World Cup may have eliminated Zimbabwe from the real competition, but there are still many reasons to be happy.

Progress Moyo, Elizabeth Mushore, Felisitus Kwangwa and Nalani Makunde are the four players who are now ranked highly in the statistics leaderboard and Nicole Muzanenamo was named player of the match after the Sri Lanka game.

The national squad, commonly referred to as Gems, will be performing in the 13th or 14th spot, which is significantly lower than what they had anticipated before the competition.

The Gems had their sights set on a top-four finish, but the senior national team’s aspirations were dashed after losing three games in a row in the preliminary round.

They were placed in the losers’ group, along with Singapore, Barbados and Sri Lanka, due to their campaign’s sluggish start.

Furthermore, they dropped their opening group E match to Barbados, adding insult to injury.

However, a strong recovery in the games against Sri Lanka and Singapore will help them turn things around.

The Gems defeated Singapore 68-40 earlier today and Mushore was honoured as the game’s MVP for her outstanding performance.

She is now the second Gems player to win the best player prize. With 17 defensive rebounds and 31 deflections, Mushore is performing well in terms of
statistics. In both categories, she is currently in the lead.

Gems captain Felisitus Kwangwa is leading the intercepts log table with 22 intercepts; she is also third on the deflections with 24
under her name.

On the feed, Moyo is leading with 128 feeds while Makunde is placed fourth on the list of top goal scorers with 161 goals.

In a post match interview, Kwangwa said they have since shifted their focus to their final game against Barbados.

“Just quite happy that everyone has refocused, Quite to late to behaving these win, but its actually good for ourselves that we have to keep on
working really hard until the last day.

“The good thing about this tournament is that we can play as many times as we can which is very positive.

“We are looking forward to playing against Barbados which we lost to and these two wins have been a confidence booster for our team.

We now want to work on our error rate and knowing how it costs us playing against Barbados we really need to be at our best and hopefully to finish 13th.”

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