Israel is not your ally:Palestine warns Africa

Albert Chavhunduka

Palestine has urged the African Union (AU) to deny the granting of observer state to the state of Israel due to its record violation of human rights.

Speaking to Review and Mail, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Zimbabwe Tamar Almassri instead called on sanctions to be imposed on Israel for its involvement in killings and human rights violations in Palestine.

“Actually, I look at this issue as a scandal. It is scandalous for the AU and if we allow the Israel apartheid regime to be granted the observer membership in the AU,why?

It is against the charter of the AU itself, against its standing principles and against the values of the African nations.

If the AU accepts that request, it means it is accepting a colonial power in the AU and we know from experience how many African countries suffered from colonialism,” said Ambassador Almassri.

Ambassador Almassri added that it would be wrong for the AU to even consider this request by Israel.

“If they grant Israel this membership, they will see it as a reward for its occupation of Palestine. So we are against that totally and until now, we have some facts about the Israeli behaviour in Africa, it’s destructive behaviour and they don’t treat African immigrants in Israel as human beings,” he said.

Ambassador Almassri further called on Western countries to remove the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and sanction Israel instead.

“Actually the sanctions do not affect government but they affect the people so for us,I see this as some form of collective punishment. I repeat again, that these sanctions should lifted today before tomorrow.”

“There are also double standards by the West when they imposed these sanctions. I ask myself, why the sanctions on Zimbabwe and they turn a blind eye on the Israeli occupation?

These are double standards and we refuse it totally and I ask the people to also look at Israel,” he

On relations between Palestine and Zimbabwe, Ambassador Almassri urged the continuation of strong ties between the two countries.

“We are very proud of our early relations with Zimbabwe and even later on after 1980.Zimbabwe did a lot for Palestine in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Harare votes all the time for the Palestinian issue and we are very proud of that and we are here to strengthen these relations.

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