Invictus embarks on mukuyu-2 project

Invictus Managing Director, Scott Macmillan, has said the company have finished choosing the location for the Mukuyu-2 appraisal well and have made improvements to the well path and drilling plans.

Invictus Energy has chosen the location for the Mukuyu-2 well, which will be about 6. 8km to then north-east of their first expedition site.

Invictus has said that the project in Zimbabwe is the first time they have tried to dig for oil. They believe that finding more oil, gas, and  helium will make their collection of materials in the Cabora Bassa Basin more valuable.

Invictus is a company that explores and extracts oil and gas resources. It is not part of a larger company and has its own headquarters in Australia. It also has offices in Harare.

The Mukuyu-1 well has found light oil, gas, and helium.

“We have fi nished choosing the location for the Mukuyu-2 appraisal well, improving the path it will take, and making plans for drilling.

This is in response to the success of the Mukuyu-1/ST-1 well, which opened up the basin,” said Macmillan.

According to Invictus Managing Director, Scott Macmillan, achieving success at Mukuyu-2 and confirming a significant discovery will increase the value of their material portfolio and their position in the
Cabora Bassa Basin.

“The Mukuyu-2 well will be placed about 6. 8km away from Mukuyu-1, towards the northeast direction. It will be over 400m higher than the primary Upper Angwa target. If the well is successful, it could lead to an important finding.”

The Managing Director said that Mukuyu-2 will be a well that goes straight down and is expected to be
about 3,700 meters deep.

“This will allow us to explore the Lower Angwa reservoirs in that area which have not been tested before.”

According to Macmillan, they are getting ready to start drilling Mukuyu-2 and will use what they
learned from their last drilling project.

“The construction of the well-paid Mukuyu-2 site is going well, and we are still on track to start drilling in
the third quarter of CY23.”

The energy company group recently collected more than $23 million to fund the ongoing search for oil and gas.

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