I can send ED to retirement, says Kasukuwere

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Former minister and Zanu PF national Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere claims he can send defeat Emmerson Mnangagwa in an election.

Such a contest is unlikely to happen, though, after the courts annulled Kasukuwere’s nomination to stand
following his continued absence from the country, self-exiled in South Africa.

The combative former Youth Minister says barring him by the courts was foul play.

“Print the ballot with my name and you can see how I will send him on retirement by 10:30 am,” Kasukuwere
tweeted on Monday in response to a story by Review & Mail.

Our story, based on a lengthy editorial by publisher and author of Death of the Commissar, stated that Kasukuwere would not defeat Mnangagwa, even if he joined hands with Nelson Chamisa, Mnangagwa’s more formidable challenger on August 23.

Zindoga opined that Mnangagwa operated a sophisticated campaign machinery within and outside the State and Zanu-PF and would especially not depend on the latter as a unit of organisation.

The special op-ed states: “An objective analysis of the various dynamics show that Mnangagwa is on top of
the situation, leaving small chance to rivals who are not helping themselves by not having proper organisations.

“Even for Kasukuwere, he had more than five years to form a political party to challenge the status quo,
rather than announce independent candidature as he did a few weeks back, which offers a glimpse into his hollow strategy and lack of organisational capacity beyond hubris.”

Zindoga is a former editor at the State-run daily, The Herald.

He states that he has had  debate about Zanu-PF succession politics with Kasukuwere since Mugabe

Mugabe was removed from power after 37 years in a military coup that also targeted the likes of Kasukuwere and the so-called G40 faction, leading to some of the latter’s members seeking refuge outside the country

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