Palestinian envoy decries Israel’s aggressive actions, ‘Reign of Terror’

Israel’s recent actions in the occupied regions of the State of Palestine have ignited global concern as reports emerge of continued terrorization and killings of Palestinians.

Israeli forces have been accused of perpetrating a ‘reign of terror,’ prompting calls for immediate intervention to address the escalating crisis.

Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Tamer Almassri, condemned the continuous Israeli crimes and called for urgent action to bring an end to the ongoing atrocities.

“This crime is a real massacre and a continuation of the all-out war Israel is waging against the Palestinian people that reflects the bloody approach of the extremist occupation government, which practices the most aggressive policies of terrorism and violence against our people,” he said.

Yesterday, Israeli occupation forces carried out a wave of detentions, targeting 24 Palestinians in the occupied territories, with the majority hailing from the village of al-Mughayyer near Ramallah. The village has been under a military siege for the past 24 days, exacerbating an already dire situation.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS), those detained included two 16-year-old minors, as well as men aged 75 and 60. Among the detainees from al-Mughayyer were also two 48-year-old men. PPS reported that a total of 45 people have been detained in al-Mughayyer since the start of the siege, although some have been released.

The Israeli forces also focused their attention on the Jericho governorate, specifically targeting the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp. The camp has been subjected to a systematic arrest campaign throughout this year, resulting in the detention of 180 individuals. In the latest incident, four people, including two siblings, were detained. Additional detentions were recorded in the town of Tuqu in the Bethlehem area, where a 19-year-old youth was apprehended. In the Hebron governorate, three men were detained, one from Hebron city, another from Beit Ummar, and a third from al-Dhahriyeh. Furthermore, a 40-year-old former prisoner was detained during an army raid in the town of Deir al-Ghosoon, north of Tulkarm in the northern West Bank.

PPS revealed that since the beginning of this year, over 3,370 people have been detained by the Israeli army, highlighting the alarming scale of the situation.

The international community has joined the growing chorus of voices demanding an end to the ‘reign of terror’ in Palestine, urging immediate steps to address the crisis and protect the rights and lives of Palestinians affected by the escalating violence.

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