How media led to break up of relationship between Prince Harry and Zimbabwean businesswoman Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry has recently blamed the reported illegal intrusion by the media for the breakup of his relationship with Chelsy Davy. 

The pair dated on and off for over six years, between 2004 and 2010, before officially calling it quits in 2011. 

In a witnesses statement, Prince Harry shared that Davy decided that “a royal life was not for her.”

Although the pair have both since started their own families, with Prince Harry married to Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, many are asking who is Chelsy Davy. 

Who is Chelsy Davy? 

Chelsy Davy is the daughter of businessman and game farmer Charles Davy.

Although born in Zimbabwe, Davy was educated in England where she attended Cheltenham College. 

Following her school education, Davy moved back to Africa to study economics at the University of Cape Town, before later doing a law degree at the University of Leeds. 

In 2004, whilst in Cape Town, Davy got a phone call from Prince Harry after meeting at a polo match in the UK. 

The pair quickly sparked a relationship which soon became public. 

Throughout their time together, the pair was on and off as Davy struggled with being in the public eye. 

Their relationship ended in 2011, although they stayed friends, with Davy invited to both Prince Harry and his brother Prince Williams’s wedding. 

Now Davy has married her longtime boyfriend Sam Cutmore-Scott and gave birth to her first child in 2022. 

She currently runs Aya, her own jewellery company which gains inspiration from Africa. –warringtonguardian

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