Holy Ten, Michael Magz at odds again after cash-throwing antics go wrong

R&M Writer

At the Zimfest in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwean rapper Holy Ten showed disappointment after Michael Magz threw cash at the crowd while performing.

The two artists are a chart-topping duo, with songs rocking many people’s playlists. The pair are the brains behind many hits like ‘‘Pres-sure’’ and ‘‘Ucharamba Uchipisa’’. While the duo performed in the United Kingdom, fans
threw money on the stage in appreciation.

Holy Ten grabbed the money and handed it to Michael for safekeeping, but latter threw the cash at the crowd, causing him to show visible disappointment while performing.

The crowd screamed and was left shocked as the bills flew in the air. The two artists, however, continued to perform
as the crowd roared, which showed a lot of dedication to their craft and professionalism.

Social media has had a field day analysing the clip and add- ing their thoughts on the unexpected act.

While some saw it as an act of generosity on Michael Magz’s part, others foretold doom on the friendship between the two artists.

Holy Ten is known to fight with fellow artists over some of the minor stuff and has had beef with the likes of Voltz JT, Winky D, Nutty O and many more.

Some fans think the two’s friendship will end soon after this performance.

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