Zimbabwe is a diverse nation with people who have different views on many things, which should be normal in any given society.

The country has been endowed with vast mineral resources and blessed with a hard -working people, a combination that should make us one of the most developed countries in the region. What of the many sharp minds that have become the most sought after across the globe, thanks to the investment in education by the successive governments we have had so far.

With the pace at which the country was developing, the country would have been well past the upper-middle income bracket. But the biting sanctions that have been biting for the past two decades have seen the country lose some of the gains made since independence.

Yes we may have our political differences, but that should not separate us as a people when it comes to the aspirations that we all have for our country.

Sovereignty knows no political boundaries, and as such, Zimbabweans need to stand as one in defending it no matter the differences.

The sanctions imposed on our country have destroyed our hope for a better Zimbabwe that our liberation war veterans fought for during the protracted war of liberation. This is because as a country, we have been rendered incapable of building our country through industrialization.

Sanctions have made it difficult for us as a country to trade freely with other nations and benefit from the vast mineral resources that we have.

Our industry has been brought to a standstill, to a point where we can’t produce goods for our own people and for sale to other nations that need what we have.

This means that generations to come will forever be impoverished, that is if we don’t come together and unite to fight the sanctions that have inhibited our growth as a country.

If the truth be told, the sanctions are hurting all of us, be it those in the ruling party or those in the opposition. We cannot destroy our country because we have differences. It is possible to have political contestation while we still build our country together as Zimbabweans.

The massive brain drain that we have experienced in the past two decades mean that the education that we so worked hard to impart to our children is now benefitting other countries where our children are using their skills and expertise.

We cannot wait for other countries to wage the sanctions war for us while we expend our energies on fighting each other. It is just not right.

It is true that those in power might be getting some of the things wrong, but inviting punishment upon ourselves will not help anyone. As a people, we should be able to resolve our differences amicably while we work together for the betterment of our country.

After all, even those who think they can lead the country better would be happy to start from a positive footing, instead of taking over a country that we would have ruined on our own because of unnecessary ego.

If other African countries can see the evil in the sanctions imposed on their fellow African nation, why would it be difficult for us to also realize that?

You don’t burn a whole house to kill a snake that has entered the house.

Let’s all rally together and demand an immediate end to sanctions, so that whoever will be anointed to lead this beautiful country will be proud of leading a prosperous country where there is serenity.

There is no need for a country where those in power blame the opposition for inviting sanctions, while on the other hand, those opposing blame those in power for inviting the same sanctions upon themselves.

We all can do much better without these sanctions. They just have to go.

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