Gwevedzi to sample upcoming album

Abel Karowangoro

The enchanting melodies of Afro-acoustic group Gwevedzi are set to grace the Theatre in the Park today, as they offer a sneak peek into their eagerly awaited third album. The album, aptly named ‘‘One’’, is brimming with promise, and fans are in for a treat as they experience the band’s fresh sound and captivating lyrics.

At the heart of this album lies the chart-topping hit “Angelina,” a song that has resonated deeply with their audience during electrifying live performances.

Gwevedzi has managed to weave their own unique Afro-fusion twist into Zimbabwe’s modern music landscape, creating a sonic tapestry that pays homage to legends like Oliver Mtukudzi and Leonard Dembo while maintaining their distinct identity. The anticipation for the album’s release has been building since Gwevedzi’s formation in 2016 in Harare. The band’s mission to harmonize people around the world through music has been unwavering, and this album is poised to be yet another step towards achieving that goal.

Gwevedzi, a Shona term symbolising courtship and the strengthening of love between a young man and a young lady, comprises four talented musicians: Tinashe Masangudza on guitar, Wilfred Nikisi on bass, Nyasha Murada on lead vocals and mbira, and Keith Musena as the drummer.
Gladmore Bvuta, the band’s spokesperson, expressed his excitement about the impending album release.

“Finally, the new album is here, and we can’t wait to share these songs with our fans. With this third release, we believe we’re delivering not only an amazing experience but also something truly worth listening to.”

The performance at Theatre in the Park promises to be a captivating two-hour journey through Gwevedzi’s musical evolution.

The event kicks off at 7 pm, and tickets are available at the venue. Audience members can also enjoy a full bar and catering services, ensuring a complete sensory experience.

Gwevedzi’s presence at Theatre in the Park is no stranger to enthusiasts.

Having graced the venue on multiple occasions since October 2021, the band has found a second home within its intimate ambiance. Moreover, Gwevedzi has also taken their melodious charm to different corners of Zimbabwe, including Mutare, Victoria Falls, Harare, and Kwekwe, as well as participating in notable music festivals such as the Jacaranda Music Festival and earGROUND’s Amplifaya Festival.

As Gwevedzi continues to spread its wings beyond borders, the band’s regional experiences in South Africa and Mozambique hint at their aspiration to create an international footprint. With the release of ‘One’, Gwevedzi’s melody-driven journey is poised to resonate even further, creating ripples of joy and harmony throughout the music-loving community.

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