GUTI DIES: ZAOGA Succession wrangle looms

Review and Mail Writers

The late founder of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA), Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, has left behind a potential succession dispute, pitting his son-in-law against other co-founders within the influential religious organization.

Following Archbishop Guti’s passing, tensions have arisen over the leadership succession, raising concerns about the future direction of ZAOGA and its vast network of churches.

Archbishop Guti, who established ZAOGA in 1960 and played a pivotal role in its growth and expansion, passed away recently, leaving a profound impact on the organization and its followers. However, the question of who will assume the leadership mantle has triggered a clash of interests among key individuals.

A close source from the church’s top leadership who requested for condition of anonymity, revealed that the passing of the church founder has culminated in people raising eye brows about the succession issue.

“The resolution of the succession wrangle will determine the future course of our church and its ability to build upon the accomplishments of our late founding father,” the source reviewed.

The church elder further unpacked that a succession squabble within the church is most likely to spark divisions among the church leadership.

“The dispute over succession threatens to create a schism within the denomination, as supporters of different candidates and factions may rally behind their preferred leaders. Such divisions could potentially impact the church’s unity, organizational stability, and its ability to carry out its religious and social missions effectively,” said the church elder.

However, the organization’s ability to address the concerns of all stakeholders and uphold its core principles of unity, integrity, and service will play a crucial role in shaping its trajectory and preserving its legacy in the years to come .

“In response to the emerging dispute, calls for dialogue and a peaceful resolution have emerged from various quarters. It is widely believed that a transparent and inclusive process, engaging all relevant stakeholders, will be crucial in resolving the succession matter and ensuring the smooth transition of leadership within the church,” the source reviewed.

One prominent figure seeking to succeed Archbishop Guti is his son-in-law, whose close family ties and involvement in ZAOGA have placed him in a potentially advantageous position.

However, other co-founders and influential members within the organization have voiced their concerns regarding this particular succession path, citing the need for broader consultations and a transparent selection process.

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