Government set to introduce stronger penalties for fatal road traffic accidents

By Review & Mail Writer

The government is currently in the process of revising legislation, rules, and regulations to establish stronger penalties for motorists who cause fatal road traffic accidents due to negligent driving and human error.

Mr. Jean Todt, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, arrived in Zimbabwe as part of the country’s commitment to cooperation within the United Nations system and the adoption of international best practices and standards for road safety.

Mr. Todt, a former rally driver and ex-chief executive of the Ferrari Formula One team, emphasized the importance of collaboration with the private sector and urged the media to prioritize road safety in their efforts.

Addressing road safety challenges, Mr. Todt highlighted key measures such as promoting the use of proper helmets, wearing seat belts in both front and rear seats, abstaining from drink-driving and distracted driving, and adhering to speed limits.

By making progress in these areas, the Sustainable Development Goal of halving the number of road accident victims by 2030 can be achieved.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona acknowledged that his ministry’s experts are currently revising legislation to mitigate road carnage.

He stressed the importance of observing rules and regulations regarding road use and expressed satisfaction with the ongoing engagement and re-engagement processes that aim to attract business opportunities to Zimbabwe.

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