“Gold Mafia”: Zimbabwe Government drops hint of who will be punished

By Senior Reporter

Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa said Government is taking allegations of corruption and money laundering seriously and gave a likely hint that people featured in the controversial documentary by Al Jazeera – Gold Mafia – will be thrown under the bus.

A coterie of connected individuals, most prominently Ambassador-At-Large Eubert Angel, were caught in a sting by the international broadcaster boasting how they could facilitate money laundering and smuggling of gold through connections with powerful elites, including President Mnangagwa and the First Family.

The documentary has made international headlines and caused angst in Zimbabwe.

Authorities are likely to expend wrath on individual that ran their mouths off.

Mutsvangwa said: “Boastful behaviour and name-dropping by some personalities featured in the documentary, seeking personal gain and glory, should never be taken as an enunciation of Government Policy.”

She explained that Harare re-affirmed its commitment to upholding local and international laws, including laws relating to financial transactions, the trade of gold and other precious minerals.

The Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mangudya, in a statement before the airing of the documentary, denied Zimbabwe was being used as a “laundromat”, a tag that could severely impact the country’s financial systems following years of being greylisted for lack of measures to stop illicit money from entering the system.

The latest response by Government may have been informed by the sitting of the ruling Zanu-PF Politiburo Monday, although no details were made public.

It is speculated the revelations could damage Zanu-PF ahead of forthcoming elections.

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