God will punish you, CCC warns those ‘working with Zanu-PF to destroy people’s movement’

…As recall of 15 MPs causes confusion, fissures

Political Review Writer

The decision by the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda to declare vacancies of 15 House of Assembly seats following a letter by an official purporting to be the interim secretary general of the Citizens Coalition for Change, has caused confusion and opened new fissures in the opposition camp.

Sengezo Tshabangu’s recent letter to Parliament appeared to be a bluff until on Monday when Mudenda acknowledged the wholesale recall of legislators from Bulawayo, leaving the party reeling barely two months after the August 23 harmonized elections.

This Tuesday, CCC spokesman Promise Mkwananzi accused Tshabangu of being a stooge and said the party would expose those working with the ruling Zanu-PF to destroy the fledgling Nelson Chamisa-led opposition.

Barely a month into its controversial term of illegitimacy, the regime has decided to further aggravate its illegitimacy by unawlfully recalling @CCCZimbabwe elected officials using a bogus letter written (and) deployed by Tshabangu, a stooge to many faces that are yet to come to the open,” Mkwananzi wrote on social platform X.

“We will defend our right to vote, our freedom to choose, our constituency (and) our democracy with everything that we have got,” Mkwananzi said.

In what suggests deeper problems in the party, Mkwananzi hinted at conspiracy between some elements within the opposition and the ruling party.

Mkwananzi said: “We also warn those among us who are working with ZANU PF to destroy the people’s movement.

“God will punish you, the people are hurting, the struggle has been long (and) painful. Your day reckoning shall come. We know you. We shall name (and) shame you!”

Meanwhile, the escalation has divided Zimbabwean commentators and analysts with some blaming the opposition for not having clear structures and organisation, while others blame the ruling party of chicanery.

The ruling party attempted to bar the contest of 12 Bulawayo legislators, before the move was blocked by the High Court.

Human rights lawyer and civil society activist Siphosami Malunga said: “The ruling party, Zanu PF must understand that everyone (and) everything has a limit. Be careful not to push people too far. There is already a palpable sense that it stole the election. The logical thing is to make things work (and) normalize politics. This may backfire.”

Another prominent commentator, UK-based Setfree Mafukidze warned: “What is happening in Zimbabwe will create tragedy. The acceptance by the Speaker of Parliament of the recalls of @CCCZimbabwe will create anarchy, people will reach a point where they feel the political route has been exhausted and the next thing you know the country is plunged in chaos.”

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