Gems’ World Cup Journey boosted by Nedbank Zimbabwe’s generous Sponsorship

Shelly Guni

The Zimbabwe senior national netball team, affectionately known as the Gems, has received a significant boost to their World Cup journey through the generous sponsorship provided by Nedbank Zimbabwe. The banking institution has stepped forward as the sole sponsor of the

Gems, demonstrating their commitment to supporting and uplifting women’s sports in the country.

The substantial financial backing of USD72,052.50 has enabled the team to cover various crucial expenses, including player allowances, accommodation, flights, kits, participation fees, transport, medical insurance, and gym support.

This sponsorship not only provides much-needed financial support but also serves as a testament to the growing recognition and investment in netball as a sport in Zimbabwe.

Speaking during farewell luncheon, Latifa Kassim who is the Nedbank Zimbabwe Head Treasury, acting marketing, Public Relations and client services said the company aims at supporting women in the community.

“On behalf of the Nedbank Zimbabwe Management and staff, we are delighted to be here to bid farewell to our Gems who will be representing our country at the World Cup in Cape Town this coming month.

“Our vision is to be the most admired Bank in Zimbabwe by our employees, clients, shareholders, regulators and society and our mission is to be the leading Bank to all in Zimbabwe, by providing focused and customised products and services tailored to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

“As a purpose led organisation, we continue to look for areas of need where we can extend a helping hand and fulfil our purpose of using our financial expertise to do good in our communities.,” she said.

Nedbank are also the Premier Netball League sponsors and have supported a number of national teams.

“As part of our Corporate Social Investment trust, we have been intentional about contributing towards sport in our country.

“We have played an active role in rugby, athletics, golf and this year, we embarked on this exciting journey with the Zimbabwe Netball Association and the Premier Netball League.

“Our commitment to Netball is a reflection of our passion to empower women in our society as key pillars within our society. It is also our endeavour to create opportunities for our communities to thrive in their area of talent and to raise our national pride when presented with the opportunity to represent the country,” she added.

Kassim went on to applause the Gems for the effort and the progress they have made.

“This year, we witness an important milestone in the journey of our GEMS who have contributed significantly towards the growth of netball in our nation. We have been closely following the Netball journey and we are proud to see that our GEMS are ranked 13t in the world and are aiming to be in the top 4 this year.

“This is no small feat in this highly competitive sport and we are rooting for you all as you aim for this big, hairy audacious goal and why not. We can achieve any-thing we set our minds to. The sky is the limit!

“As Nedbank, we have fulfilled our commitment by paying for the full kit accommodation at Cresta in South Africa, Air travel for our Gems and ZINA Officials, gym subscription, travel insurance and participation fee and USD 500 allowances for each participant which we will be providing today for meals – lunch and dinner in Capetown and for their personal incidentals. Total investment in the girls has been slightly over USD 72 000.00.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Netball Officials led by the ZINA President, Mrs Chipandu and your team for your support and commitment to the GEMS and the game of Netball as a whole.

“The different sponsors that have seen the need to support the girls further we acknowledge your contribution and recognise the need for more and more members of society to come together to make the necessary big impact where it matters the most.

“May you continue to rally behind the girls and fly our Zimbabwe flag High in Cape Town.

To the Gems, you are here today because you deserve to be, you are good at what you do and as Nedbank we are excited about your journey and we have no doubt that you will do exceedingly well as you have done over the years,” she said.

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