Gems vice-captain aims for top four finish at Netball World Cup

As the highly anticipated Netball World Cup approaches, the vice-captain of the Gems, Claris Kwaramba, has revealed the team’s ambitious goal of securing a top-four finish in the tournament.

With determination and a strong sense of purpose, Kwaramba has expressed the team’s unwavering commitment to achieving success on the global stage.

As the Gems prepare to showcase their skills and resilience, their sights are firmly set on leaving an indelible mark in the upcoming Netball World Cup, vying for a coveted position among the top contenders in the tournament.

The Gems appear to be on track to surpass their eighth-place showing from their debut in 2019.

The team entered the competition as an underdog and defied many predictions by finishing in the top 10.

They finished the tournament as the darlings of many and that brings its own pressures and anticipation, a mental facet in their preparation that Kwaramba is much aware of.

“We are targeting the top four. The goal still stands, we will make it and make everyone proud.”

The Gems are group A together with Australia, Fiji and Tonga.

They play Australia in their opening match. This will be their second successive time being drawn in the same Netball World Cup group with the 11-time world champions.

During their first encounter they lost 73-37.

The Gems will face Fiji in t the second game before they clash horns with trick and Tonga team in the final game of the Group A games.

Three teams from each group advance to the next stage.

Currently the team is undergoing intense training in Harare and Karamba is believes that they are now fit for the tournament.

“Everyone is working hard, the competition in camp is high and that just shows how crucial this tournament is to everyone, because everyone wants to make the final cut.

“In terms of fitness, we are okay, we are now perfecting our combinations,” she says.

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