Gems squad to be announced today

The Zimbabwe senior national netball team squad for the upcoming World Cup will be announced today, Review & Mail Sport has learnt.

The announcement which was initially slated for last week was moved to this morning and a total of 15- players are set to be named for the prestigious tournament.

A total of 20 players were summoned for training at Girls High on June 11 with three foreign based players expected to join the rest of the team early next month, should they make the final cut of players expected to be announced today.

The Gems have been getting some much-needed game time in their respective clubs as the netball leagues have been running and will continue in the lead up to the World Cup.

It will be interesting to see just how the Gems technical team led by coach Ropafadzo Mutsauki decides on who will be playing at the World Cup, but there is no doubt they will go with their stars as Zimbabwe looks to put on a spectacle.

Although there have been some hints, here and there, Gems captain Felisitus Kwangwa will definitely lead the troop going into the second wold cup appearance.

Two other foreign based players, Nalani Makunde and Joice Takaidza are also rumoured to be part of the 12 playing squad.

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