Gems coach disheartened

Shelly Guni in Cape Town, South Africa

Gems coach, Ropafadzo Mutsauki says he is “incredibly disappointed” with the team’s humiliating record defeat to
Barbados at the ongoing Netball World Cup here in Cape Town adding they are “hurting” after the loss displayed a “stark reality”.

Mutsauki said his team played “poorly” and are “hurting”Barbados secured their first victory of the tournament as ruthless efficiency and power in the face of an error-ridden Zimbabwe brought a comprehensive 62-45 success.

Mutsauki admitted there were no positives to glean from the day.

“We’re incredibly disappointed with the performance,” he said at his post-match inter- view.

“No one is under any illusions over what we’ve got to do. I think we’ve been pretty up front with that throughout. Today just shows, in stark reality, what that’s about.

“I am truly disappointed with this team and I don’t even know what went wrong.

“Everything seemed to be in course when we were home, but when we got here things changed.”
Zimbabwe played Barbados during a friendly match prior to the start of the tournament and the won 67-34.

The Gems’ first encounter with Barbados was during the 2019 World Cup held in Liver- pool and they went on to win
61-44. Gems will face Sri Lanka tomorrow in another Group encounter.

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