From the Field to Philanthropy: Warriors star Marshall Munetsi launches Foundation to inspire children’s ambitions & achievements

Warriors midfielder Marshall Munetsi, said he started his foundation to provide children with the ability to dream of a better future by offering them the education and support they need to succeed.

Since its establishment, the Marshall Munetsi Foundation has provided financial aid to these children for school supplies and other necessities. It also offers mentorship and opportunities to those who demonstrate artistic or athletic talents.

In recognition of Munetsi’s philanthropic endeavors through his foundation, he was awarded the UNFP Citizen Player Trophy.

This esteemed accolade highlights his commitment and the positive impact he is making in uplifting communities.

Furthermore, Munetsi’s club, Stade de Reims, introduced a clause in his contract that involves a donation of €100 for every kilometer he runs during matches.

In an interview with FIFPRO, Munetsi said:

“The goal is to help as many vulnerable children as possible with the funds available and, if the opportunity presents itself, perhaps even build our own institution and hire our own teachers so we can provide an education directly.

“If it’s successful, who’s to say that we can’t even go beyond that? Who’s to say we can’t help millions instead of hundreds, and not just in Zimbabwe, but all across Africa?

“I’m proud of the initiative and hopeful for its future. At the same time, though, the responsibility to educate children should not rest with the occasional footballer, but rather with governments.

“Yes, as players we hold privileged positions, and it’s important to remember who we are and where we come from, and to use our platforms for good,” He said.

The goal, according to Munetsi, is to bring attention to an underlying problem that needs to be resolved.

“Africa has plenty of minerals and resources. We have more millionaires in government than we do on the pitch. The change needs to start with them.
“Even the decision to ban the Zimbabwe national team is already taking away so much from our young population.

“Where would I be without the dream of playing for my country? Where is the aspiration for boys and girls to partake in sport, to chase a ball around with your friends in hopes of becoming the next Marshall Munetsi or whoever else they look up to?

“These children have had their education taken from them, their sport, and so much else – and it gets to the point where you have to wonder: what’s left to inspire them to a better life? Helping them is something that is so close to my heart and I can’t explain how much it means to be so supported in my efforts to do so.

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