Fitness key to health body: Callista

Shelly Guni

Fitness coach, Callista Sambaza believes there is no substitute for a healthy body.

Coach Callie, as she is affectionately known in the fitness circles, made the comments on Saturday, shortly after the ‘Winter Cycle, Dumbu must fall 10km fun run’ in Harare.

Sambaza, the founder and owner of Sweat Field, a fitness company that specializes in fitness, body transformation, and other services, stated that fitness should be considered a lifestyle.

“Fitness is a way of life for me. It’s like breathing for me! Nothing truly belongs to you except your own body, and there is no substitute for a healthy body. I would encourage everyone to exercise. It’s not difficult.

“Exercise is important. It’s important to incorporate in our day to day living. It must be a lifestyle not a once off event. There are many benefits that we get from exercise,” she says.

Sambaza said the 10km Fun Run was to celebrate life through fitness. She was also happy with the turnout which she described as impressive.

The event came after running a successful online 12 week ‘Winter Cycle, Dumbu must fall’ programme.

“This program was a result of the Covi-19 situation, so I came up with an online programme that reaches out to people far and wide, they can follow this program, the participants and whoever is willing to take part, round up the programme with something special like an aerobathon, a fun run.

“This run was to educate people and inform people of the benefits of healthy eating.

“One of the sponsors was Zoro NeMugoti, who makes healthy snacks.  So along the route, there were snacks that the participants could taste.

“So much of the emphasis was on healthy eating. They say abs are made in the kitchen.”

Speaking on the benefits of exercising, Sambaza said: “Improved sleep, improved mental state of mind, improved cardio  vascular system and respiratory system, breath better, your veins are opened up, there is nothing that clots there because you are working, you are burning the fat, nothing is clogging the blood vessels,

“Inside, out, exercise is beneficial, the major benefit is that you look good, who doesn’t what to look good, your body is toned up, there no saggy skin, to some who wants to build muscle,

“Exercise also help in burning the fat in weight loss, you can do this from anywhere,”

One of the participants, Movement Musasiwa who lost over 10kgs since the Dumbu must go program was introduced speaks on the importance of exercising.

“The benefits of doing these kinds of runs is obviously, you keep yourself fit.

“People do so many kinds of exercise but with running every part of your body gets to do something and it’s quite beneficial in that area.

“The other issue is, if I had not come for this run today, guess where I would be at, I would have been in bed so I have to wake up early to come to this run. Another benefit of this run, you get to wake up early.

“And also the other issue is, when your body is fit, you find out that your mind functions better and you find out that you do more because you will be active and relaxed.

“The other benefit that I have realised by coming to such events is that you get to meet a lot of people and get to network, like myself I have met quite a number of people, I now have so many friends most of those whom I met through these runs, and it does not and it’s not only about having friends. You get to meet and interact and learn so many different things in life.

A runner’s motivation is to be a part of a running community and to connect with other runners.

Following Zimbabwe’s rising middle class and disposable incomes, there has been a huge increase in lifestyle ailments, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

This has led to people changing their traditional behaviours from being reactive to proactive.

However, though the awareness level is higher in the younger generation, the spending power lies with the older consumer. This is the consumer who not only wants to be fit, but perhaps even believes their age.

Another participant, Loveness Chibikira said: “I hated running, but growing up, you get to know that there are a lot of diseases that comes from being unhealthy,

“It’s not about being a fast runner, I can jog all the way, the ultimate goal is for me to finish and I celebrate myself each and every time.