Actress pleads for “cancer machine” from Gold Mafia

By Phillipa Jaja

Broadcaster and former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande has made a passionate plea to the Gold Mafia for an $80,000 radiology machine to ensure the survival of cancer patients.

A Facebook post has been made following the current screening of a documentary on Al Jazeera called The “Gold Mafia,” which has implicated top ranking officials in money laundering, gold smuggling, and bribery, among other corrupt activities.

Katsande is a cervical cancer patient who requested the machines on behalf of other similar patients.

“Dear Gold Mafia, Land Barons, Drug Dealers, Rich Cousins, Big Boy Crew… of Zimbabwe …

“Please tirikukumbirawo mutibatsirewo nekugadzira or buy a new radiology machine that is affordable and accessible to all citizens of Zimbabwe who have cancer and need radiology treatment urgently so that they live.”

She said the lack of machines had cost her friends’ lives.

“In the past two weeks, I’ve lost six friends i had made in cancer support groups because they could not afford the $6,000 plus the only private facility in Zimbabwe is requiring for radiotherapy treatments.

“Sadly, at the moment, our government hospitals do not have working radiology machines.”

She offered to do lifetime adverts for resultant benefactors.

“…A new machine starts at about $80,000. I will do all your advertising for free even, that’s all I can trade with.”

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