Family values paramount to national leadership

Ngwindi Ngwindingwindi – Community Eye

Mbudzi kudya mufenje hufana nyina, so says a call to exemplary leadership in our various spheres of life.

The younger generation looks up to elders for guidance and wisdom to sail successfully in the bitter waters of the ocean, for the seas have since been infested with the unknown.

Congratulations to all our elders who have managed to keep intact their marriages into old age; they have managed to uphold the vow of “until death do us part”. This is the example which must lead the youth of today across the globe. My sermons are usually of a greater bias towards leaderships at national levels who attract much wider publicity and expose.

These, I will always talk about and show them why they should be leaders in deed and talk. They enjoy so much coverage in everything that they do, hence we seek to highlight why they should be upright so as to be emulated by the youth and the society at large.

Leadership is not a position into which people force themselves and succeed all times, it comes with certain qualities which include being able to lead at family level.

Devine anointment of national leadership takes into cognisance a whole lot of factors which are key to promotion of unity among races, tribes, and different religious beliefs. Here in our country, marriages have occurred among different cultures, but have not really impacted on the aspect of unity and love among the people at higher levels.

At this point, I shall grab the opportunity to express my heartfelt congratulations to one of our state leaders for his newly found love and happiness. We need to pray for our leader and his family. I hope that Mama will be instrumental in breaking the age old language barrier between tribes.

My hope is that the leader will not need to speak English or get interpreters when addressing people in Matabeleland constituencies anymore. Such is very commendable in a country where sections of the society continue seeking to divide the people by using historical misunderstandings.

Leaders must use the given example to promote unity and family values as it is pivotal to our traditional discourse.

Societies take shape from the conduct of leaders. If a leader lacks moral integrity, he sets wrong precedence for the society’s young people who should be looking up to leaders for guidance.

When we talk of family values, we mean respect for our families in the ways we carry ourselves. We have old people in our respective communities whom we should emulate and celebrate for having been able to keep together. There is a lot to learn from them for us to uphold the values of marriage and family.

Most young boys are trending with the talk of having more money and many girls of choice.

What this kind of mentality breeds is nothing but crime. What they will be after is quick money whose source will usually be dubious, all because they are trying to copy and emulate their idols who mostly are the leaders who have easy access to money which they simply dip hands and fish out of public coffers. Such money will therefore be used to seduce young girls into sexual relationships which have destroyed many marriages in Zimbabwe.

We have witnessed countless divorce cases involving national leaders. Most of the reasons given for such divorces have been promiscuity or infidelity.

We have had so many cases of relationship quarrels which have resulted in unwarranted deaths and permanent injuries upon victims and perpetrators. Crimes of passion have been on the rise, symbolizing a society which is lacking stewardship.

This has become a societal headache due to lack of guidance on how to handle relationship squabbles. It also follows trends of behaviours which leaders display in their own affairs. It is not a secret we have read and witnessed acrimony in many high-profile marriages which should have served to be role models for ordinary citizens.

We cannot deny that some of the marriages are not anointed and as such, are fragile, but some of our elders have not handled marriage break ups in a manner of dignity as supposed to be consistent with their stature. Some have not really valued marriage as a life –time commitment as it is the centre to family fabric.

The main aim of this writing is to call upon leaders of this great nation to lead with the kind of wisdom which gives shape to societies. Leaders must display highest degree of moral standards and discipline so as to set emulatable precedence for common citizens.

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