EXPOSED: ZAOGA’s Mbuya Dorcas Hospital accused of misusing tithes and ignoring staff salaries

The Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) has come under scrutiny and criticism for its alleged failure to pay salaries to workers at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, raising concerns about the welfare of employees and the financial management practices within the institution.

Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, is a renowned medical facility operated by ZAOGA, providing healthcare services to the local community.

This came to light after an employee, who wished to remain anonymous due to fear of reprisals, has voiced their frustrations through social media Jackie Ngarande Official Facebook page highlighting about the ZAOGA’s financial practices.

The anonymous employee is based in South Africa FIFMI headquarters writes that Mbuya Dorcas Hospital was constructed by ZAOGA FIFMI members through the “Talent” teaching aimed at encouraging church members to work and contribute to the church.

The employee raised concerns about the exorbitant expenses incurred by the hospital and its alleged failure to deliver complimentary services to its members. These concerns were juxtaposed with the hospital’s ongoing challenges in providing competitive salaries to its employees.

“I saw your post concerning Mbuya Dorcas Hospital not paying well their workers. It’s sad and I work at Foward in Faith Ministries HQ in South Africa and decided to use a ghost account. Mbuya Dorcas Hospital was built by the members of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries International Ministries through a teaching called “Talents” in which members of ZAOGA FIFMI are taught to work and then give to the church. I wonder why it’s expensive and why it doesn’t offer free services to its members, worse failing to pay its employees good salaries,” reads part of the post.

According to the source, the church has a presence in all 23 provinces of South Africa, where members contribute regular monthly tithes and offerings. A percentage of these funds is directed towards institutions such as ZEGU (Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University) and Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, with the eventual transfer of the funds to the National Headquarters in Zimbabwe. The accumulated funds are primarily utilized to cover maintenance bills, procure equipment, and manage other expenses.

“In South Africa, the church is divided into 23 provinces. Members give tithe and offerings in their respective provinces monthly. When they give the province allocate a certain percentage of the total tithes and offerings to ZEGU and Mbuya Dorcas Hospital then remit the money to the National Headquarters. Those funds are then kept at HQ waiting for instructions to use them from Zimbabwe. Most of these funds are used for maintenance bills, equipment purchases, etc and you wonder why they fail to pay their employees when monthly members contribute to the Hospital through tithe and offerings. The same happens in different nations where this church is located.”

A whistleblower has come forward, sharing a spreadsheet that sheds light on the monthly contributions made by South African members to both ZEGU and Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. This revelation has raised concerns and sparked inquiries into the financial management practices of these institutions. The spreadsheet also includes invoices that allegedly remain unpaid on behalf of the hospital in Zimbabwe, serving as evidence of the financial challenges faced by the institution.

The whistleblower claims that these instructions originate directly from Gracious Guti Chikore, the International Director of the church and daughter of the revered founder, Baba Guti.

I have attached a spreadsheet to show you how much members in South Africa have contributed to both ZEGU and Mbuya Dorcas Hospital per province monthly. Also, I attached invoices we are yet to pay on behalf of the Hospital in Zimbabwe and this is instruction came from the church’s International Director Gracious Guti Chikore, who is also Baba Guti’s daughter. This is how the system works.

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