Ex-CBZ manager ordered to pay US$82k

Judith Nyuke

Court Correspondent

Former senior manager at CBZ Bank and seasoned banker, Norman Sambaza, has been ordered to pay US$82,000 after failing to settle the debt two years ago.

This decision by the High Court came after Sambaza failed to defend himself against the claim filed by one Damascus Tazvitya Mabeka. In response to the judgement, Sambaza lodged an application to halt its execution.

However, Justice Happias Zhou rejected the application after ruling that it was solely designed to postpone the payment to the creditor.

“More than two and a half years later the applicant has not paid a cent.

“There can be no real and substantial justice in staying execution in these circumstances where the substance of the claim is not being disputed…

“The conduct of the applicant after the granting of the default judgment betrays an entire want of care.

“He does not expect the court to accept his version that from 2 March 2023 (or whenever it was that he had last communicated with his legal practitioners) he never checked on the progress of the case for more than six months only to be reminded about the case by the service of the writ of execution,” read part of the judgment.

The case originated from a lawsuit filed by Mabeka against Sambaza, seeking payment of a debt amounting to US$82,280, plus interest.

Mabeka also requested a court order declaring a specific immovable property, known as stand 980 Strathaven, as specially executable.

The case was scheduled for a pre-trial conference on March 2, 2023. However, Sambaza did not attend the conference, even though his legal representative was present.

After the default, a court order was issued in favor of Mabeka who caused a writ to be issued.

The writ and the attachment of an immovable property compelled Sambaza to file the current application.

Sambaza gained notoriety as he grabbed the headlines sometime in 2017 after assaulting his wife and children over a sadza dispute.

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