EU Observer Mission sets right tone for Zimbabwe elections


The European Union’s Observer Mission has taken a commendable and principled stance ahead of Zimbabwe’s forthcoming harmonized elections.

By declaring its impartiality and clarifying its role as one of observation rather than monitoring, the mission has demonstrated its commitment to supporting fair and transparent elections in Zimbabwe.

This aligns with the government of Zimbabwe’s pronouncement that external stakeholders, including the EU and other observers, should restrict their involvement to mere observations.

In this regard, we encourage other observers from other countries who are in Zimbabwe to be observers of the elections and not to push various agendas that will distort the election.

Observers from Embassy are also commended to abide by government regulations to be observers not monitors of the elections.
In a region where electoral processes have sometimes been marred by controversies and disputes, the importance of credible international observers cannot be overstated.

Their presence helps to bolster public confidence in the electoral process, enhances transparency, and ultimately contributes to the legitimacy of the elected government.

However, there have been instances in the past where observers overstepped their mandates, leading to tensions and accusations of interference.

In light of these past experiences, the EU’s unequivocal commitment to an observational role is a reassuring development.
Monitoring implies a more interventionist approach, involving detailed scrutiny of the electoral process, and can inadvertently give rise to suspicions of interference in a nation’s internal affairs.

By choosing to focus solely on observation, the EU mission demonstrates its willingness to respect Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and the government’s authority over the electoral process.

The success of any observer mission lies not only in the impartiality of its members but also in their ability to navigate complex political landscapes with sensitivity and respect.

Observers must exercise restraint and avoid making hasty judgments or statements that may unduly influence public perception or exacerbate tensions.

Instead, their role is to objectively document their observations and offer constructive feedback to enhance future electoral processes.
For Zimbabwe, which has embarked on a path of political and economic reforms, the forthcoming harmonized elections represent a critical milestone in solidifying the country’s democratic credentials. Having an impartial and respected international observer mission on the ground will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the narrative around the electoral process.

However, the responsibility does not rest solely on the EU mission’s shoulders. The Zimbabwean government must also play its part in ensuring the conditions for free and fair elections.

This includes providing equal opportunities for all political parties, safeguarding media freedom, and addressing any systemic issues that may hinder the integrity of the elections.

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