Enzo Ishall new hit ‘Tiza’ enthrals Ghetto Kids

R&M Writer

The pulsating beats of Zimbabwean artist Enzo Ishall’s latest release, “Tiza,” have found their way to the shores of Ghana, captivating audiences and setting the stage ablaze with the electrifying performances of the renowned dance outfit, Ghetto Kids.

Since the release of “Tiza” on July 19, 2023, the Ghanaian dance troupe has been making waves with their breathtaking routines, incorporating their signature moves into the infectious rhythm of the Zimbabwean artist’s new hit.

Ghetto Kids, known for their vibrant choreography and infectious energy, have garnered widespread recognition not only in Ghana but also across the globe.

Their unique blend of traditional African dance styles with contemporary moves has earned them a dedicated following on social media platforms and secured them several high-profile performances in music videos and on international stages.

Upon the release of “Tiza,” the dance group wasted no time in crafting mesmerising routines to showcase their talent and passion for the art of dance.

Their captivating performances have been circulating on various social media channels, amassing millions of views and attracting enthusiastic reactions from fans and celebrities alike.

Ghanaian music enthusiasts have embraced “Tiza” as it blends the characteristic elements of
Enzo Ishall’s music, which includes infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics, with Ghetto Kids’ innovative dance moves.

This fusion has resulted in a cultural exchange between Zimbabwean and Ghanaian music and dance scenes, promoting cross-border artistic collaboration and appreciation.

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