Dinson group in drug awareness campaign

Dinson Group, the Chinese steel giant building Africa’s largest iron smelting company in Manhize, Mvuma has embarked on a drug awareness exercise at its subsidiaries in an effort to curb abuse at the workplace.

The group has embarked on the initiative following a direct call made by  President Emmerson Mnangagwa to deal with the problem facing the country at the moment.

Speaking to the Review and Mail, Project Director Wilfred Motsi said they had undertaken the campaign as they valued their workers’ health and wellbeing.

“We value workforce well being. This is a matter of health. Our employees are youths and having them indulging in drugs affects their performance. They use hard earned money on drugs.

“Taking of drugs has serious negative effects…causes absenteeism….exposes employees to risk especially those that work with machinery and drivers…in accuracy and ungovernable,” he said.

He outlined the various measures they had undertaken to address the scourge.

“As a company we have started vigorous campaign against drugs. We have tightened our searches at the main entrance. We have also put some notices against drug abuse.

“The checks and testing of employees has revealed a lot of our employees indulging in drugs.”

Drug and substance abuse negatively affects mining industry through lost productivity, workplace accidents, injuries and increased illness. It also results in the company losing a lot of money.

The President has repeatedly spoken against drug and substance abuse and called for stiffer penalties to deal with the same.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is currently undertaking an operation “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances” which has resulted in 4 882 arrests.

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