Zimbos abroad help bring murder suspects to book, as police prepare extradition for heartless killers who had skipped the border

Libinance Dokora and Tichaona Zindoga
Criminals can run, but they can’t hide.

This is not just because of the proverbial long arm of the law eventually catching up with offenders.
In a new phenomenon, Zimbabwean citizens in the Diaspora are helping to bring criminals to book – thanks in small part to social media that is fast making these dastardly creatures famous – blowing the cover of foreign soils that had long been sought by criminals.

Zimbabweans in Northern Ireland and in South Africa recently assisted authorities in those countries to arrest Gweru businessman Peter Dube, wanted in connection with three counts of murder, one attempted murder case, and violation of immigration laws; and the Zvimba couple of John Zvivi and Lister Sibanda who reportedly vanished after killing their four-year-old niece and dumping her in Harare.

Zimbabwe police are now instituting extradition procedures to bring the suspects home to face justice.
Review & Mail this week got an exclusive briefing of how Dube was arrested in Ireland in June after evading authorities for nearly three years after gunning down his second wife, her suspected lover, and a female friend.

We can report today that an alert Zimbabwean got wind that Dube was hiding in Northern Ireland.
Dube, who skipped the country for South Africa after the Gweru murders before changing identity and heading to the United Kingdom, had lived incognito and had facilitated the travel of his first wife under false identity as well.

According to our source, Dube became abusive to his wife, which came to the notice of a care worker who shared the ordeal with the Zimbabwean informant.

“Dube was abusing his wife and shared this with a care worker,” the source said.

“The wife has relatives here, too, and I understand that they also put pressure on her to out the abusive murderer,” our source – who cannot be named for professional reasons – said.

This led to the informant sharing the information with authorities in Harare, who in turn contacted their opposite number in Northern Ireland.

Citizen arrest
In the case of Zvimba murder couple, citizens in South Africa effected arrest of the two before handing them to South African police.
The incident was captured in a video that went viral on social media recently, as the cornered couple is heard being questioned in Shona by concerned Zimbabweans over the crime.

This week police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed to Review & Mail that, “The extradition process is currently in progress. Once completed, we will inform the public and the media accordingly.”

Said Nyathi: “Regardless of attempts by offenders to evade the consequences of their actions by fleeing, the law will inevitably take its course. The police are constitutionally obligated to follow international procedures, such as extradition, for suspects who commit crimes and flee to foreign countries.

“Specific legal protocols must be adhered to by relevant government entities. Once all processes are established and the suspect is extradited, they will be presented in court to undergo proper legal procedures.”

He revealed: “Additionally, we are currently engaged in the extradition process of two suspects—a woman and her husband—who are accused of killing a four-year-old minor in Zvimba. All actions are being conducted in accordance with the country’s laws and international legal standards.”

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