Despite everything, I still love my ex-wife:  Stunner

Belinda Mucheuki

Multi-award winning Zim Hip Hop star, Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner, has been cleared on the allegations of having assaulted his ex-wife, Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika following a misunderstanding over her phone.

The court ruled that Chideme was not guilty due to lack of evidence and that the complainant kept changing her narrative. There was no single video footage, witnesses that came forward or gracious body marks to prove the assault.

He appreciated the court for not being biased and looking at the story fairly unlike what people on social media did.

“Stunner not guilty, court could not be fooled, haisi social media – it’s not social media. Thanks to everyone that stood by me and to those that believe most of the social media nonsense dzorai moyo wenyu,” he said

 He further told Review and Mail that the court results might have gone viral on social media if he was found guilty.

“Social media will always side with what will get them more likes and comments that’s why it was not a story when the courts found me not guilty. It would have been if it had been the opposite,” said Stunner.

He further added that his strength is on not taking things personal.

“I never take anything personal and I think that is my super power because up to now I love my ex-wife,” said the award-winning rapper popular with the vvVtt brand.

Efforts to get a comment from Dyonne were fruitless as her phone kept going unanswered.

Despite having been criticized by so many people on social media when the incident took place, Stunner said his music career was not really affected because he has some loyal fans.

“My music somehow will not and will never be affected by negative vibes, maybe because my fans have come to separate hip hop from real life. I portray hip hop on social media but at home I am just a cuddly teddy bear that is full of love,” added Stunner.

Many fans have joined Stunner in celebrating the court verdict.

“You should sue her, we are tired of men being harassed when innocent,” said one of the fans on Instagram.

“I know you’re a good guy. You always value your family and you wouldn’t harm anyone,” added another fan

However, some people still hold that Stunner was guilty despite the court’s judgment.

“Yet another woman failed by a useless court system that is synonymous with patriarchy and gross incompetence,” said a follower only identified as Cynthia.

Meanwhile, it has been noted that the number of false allegations against popular men has risen as DJ Fantan is also suffering allegations similar to Stunner’s.

“When I read newspapers, I hear claims that are unheard of. I am a victim of abuse because ever since I was dragged to the courts I have suffered emotionally and on my personality. My ex-wife is using H-Metro to blackmail me and all I just wish for is we separate peacefully,” attested DJ Fantan.

“I believe it is time we start respecting the women’s wishes of 50/50 and judge every case accordingly without favoritism for women because many men have been arrested with no second thought yet they have been innocent. Malicious acts have clouded most women,” said Stunner