Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited Anticipates Strong Performance Ahead

Review & Mail Writer

Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited, the largest dairy processor listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, gave an upbeat outlook based on recent investments that will boost production and improve profitability.

Despite obstacles such as power outages and the cost of accessing high-quality water, the company remains optimistic about its prospects and plans to focus more on adding value and controlling costs.

The company’s president Josaphat Sachikonye said in a statement accompanying the company’s latest annual report: “Ridiculous supply and high-quality water and electricity costs are expected to continue, driving up production costs.”

“The management will continue to engage in strategic partnerships and explore initiatives for alternative energy models and efficient production methods,” Sachikonye said.

The company made a number of capital investment projects in fiscal year 2022, including a third Maheu line, a drinking yogurt line, a third Steri milk bottle blowing machine and a new cold-water plant.

These will have a positive impact on the company’s production capacity.

These investments will allow the company to increase production of its popular brand Pfuko, enter a new market segment with its new product Yoggie and increase production of its flagship product, Steri milk. The new chilled water plant will optimize production capacity and improve profitability.

The company’s focus on adding value and controlling costs will help offset losses associated with problems with electricity and high water prices. By adding value to its products, Dairibord Zimbabwe will increase profit margins and generate higher revenue.

with dairy farming, fierce competition, and a reduction in the number of dairy farms can also cause problems.

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