Controversy surrounds arrest of academic Chan

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Renowned academic and government critic, Professor Stephen Chan, has been arrested upon his arrival in the country.

The controversial figure, who is an advisor to Nelson Chamisa and leads the CCC, was reportedly in the country to provide training to opposition insurgents. He has been detained and is expected to face deportation.

Professor Chan, a well-known karate sensei who also heads the Jindokai Karate and Kobudo Association, arrived in the country on a flight from Zambia just yesterday.

The circumstances surrounding his visit have raised suspicions, as it is believed to be part of a wider strategy by the opposition to incite chaos if the election results do not align with their expectations.

According to sources cited by The Herald, it was revealed that Professor Chan had applied for a visa through Paul Danisa of Jindokai Old Hararians, Zimbabwe.

The application specified that he intended to be in the country between August 21 and September 4 to provide karate training. The President of the Zimbabwe Karate Federation, Sensei Joe Rugwete, expressed concerns about the matter, citing lack of proper documentation and payment.

In response to an invitation from Paul Danisa, Rugwete stated that the affiliation of Jindokai Old Hararian’s style, instructors, and athletes for the year 2023 could not be verified.

Moreover, the required clearance fee had not been paid. Rugwete said that due to these issues, Professor Chan’s clearance request could not be processed unless the necessary documentation and payments were provided.

“The notice provided for clearance was insufficient, as a minimum of 30 days’ notice is usually required,” Rugwete said.

The arrival of Professor Chan had already sparked suspicion over the weekend, as security sources pointed out the timing of his visit, which coincided with the country’s upcoming elections.

Professor Chan, a respected martial artist and professor of World Politics at London University, has previously voiced skepticism about the fairness of the impending elections, echoing sentiments expressed by the opposition.

While Professor Chan identifies himself as an expert in African affairs, his detainment and the controversies surrounding his visit have taken center stage.

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