Consistency is key

Shelly Guni

Fitness trainer Faith Chaodza, credits consistency, adhering to her ideals and principles, and not comparing herself to others for her continued mental and physical health.

Chaodza admitted that she wasn’t particularly introduced to health and exercise as a child.

Despite the odds being against her, Chaodza defied expectations and pursued the vocation that made her famous today.

 “I’ve been a fit person most of my life, I have played sports pretty much since I was very young. So from that perspective – it has always been my thing to always stay fit.

Chaodza revealed she also spends a lot of  time at her Crossfit studio.

Not only is Chaodza focused on her body goals, but she has also enforced a clean and healthy eating plan as part of her lifestyle.

“I have been eating clean and being a little bit more aware of what I put into my body and having a good workout in between so that I can keep myself intact, especially when you grow a little bit older it becomes a little bit harder to stay in shape.

She explained that her fitness exercise routine comprises a lot of cardio. She went on to highlight the reason behind her constantly keeping fit stems from the subtle pressure people put on public figures on how they look and carry themselves.  

“Fitness is important obviously to keep fit and look good and being in an industry where people are always looking at how you look, and how you’re keeping yourself together. So, also, fitness helps as a stress reliever with lockdown being so tough on a lot of us as artists, it also just helps to go to the gym and let out a bit of emotion or whatever it is that you were piling up.”  

While many are stuffed with wholesome homemade goodies this festive season, Review and Mail caught up with the queen of fitness to get some motivating tips on how to navigate shedding off the unwanted weight gain.

1. As a personal trainer, why is it important for people to maintain both physical and mental fitness?

We live in a world filled with lots of chronic illnesses [depression, anxiety, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure just to mention a few] caused by our lifestyle and mental state… The best medicine to avoid falling into that trap is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

2. What’s the winning formula that you think will help bring people a step closer to their fitness goals?

Changing the narrative and the approach to fitness can influence the way people look at fitness. A fitness lifestyle is about overall wellbeing, not just about how we look.

3. How is life now under the “new normal”, how are you finding it being a personal trainer during this global pandemic?

It has been a really challenging time for everyone. The pandemic had forced everyone to get out of their comfort zone. Now I have also found a new creative way of doing things and using digital platforms to continue training clients and changing lives.

4. What three fitness tips can you share that could help many South Africans reach their desired body goal?

  • Rule no 1, set attainable realistic goals.
  • Commit and do everything you can to align yourself towards your goals. Your training must be aligned with your eating [diet].
  • Always remember consistency is key.

5. What keeps you mentally and physically fit?

What keeps me mentally and physically fit is consistency, staying true to who I am always with my values and principles, not comparing myself to anyone. Consistently challenging myself and fighting to become a better version of myself.

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