Cliff Dzvairo unhappy with D1 debut season

Shelly Guni

ZIFA Eastern Region Division one side, JM Busha 54 coach, Cliff Dzvairo is a disappointed man.

The Murehwa-based young coach had high hopes of finishing in the top topping the Division One league and eventually promoted into the premier soccer league.

However, his team is set to finish in position 10 on the log a result Dzvairo is not happy with.

“We had a great season all together. It started really well with a win away at Renco and we really needed that positive start to give us confidence going into the season,” Dzvairo told Review and Mail Sport.

“Our Club goals or targets were to finish in the top 8 and our goals as technical was to try to get for promotion straight away or to atleast do better.

“We finish on the 10th which means we have missed all our goals but we are happy with what we have managed to do as a group and as a club.

“It was a great season, learning was very important. If given another chance next season we will try again and go all the way to the execution of our goals.

“Going into the next season I don’t think I will have better goals than fighting for the top position that’s promotion.

“Besides that I really love to network with top coaches and top players so it will be very nice to participate once again meeting beautiful people and seeing great places while fighting for promotion.”

JM Busha played one game at the base against Mutare City and had a huge turnout.

After that all their games were moved to National Sports Stadium before being moved again to Mutoko.

“Soon after we changed our home base, misfortunes piled on us as it’s difficult to operate under an environment where you are always playing away from home as it’s highly costly.”

“We had a series of draws and as we finish the season we are the team with most draws in the league.  By the mid season we had only one win and 8 draws occupying position 10,” he said.

Dzvairo added that after their first round performance they had to revise their goals. This time targeting a top 8 finish.

“We were really miles away from achieving them and the club management decided to back up the technical team with more time and trust plus new players.

“In the second half we had a good run, only losing twice, a 1-0 lose to the champions Green Fuel in Chisumbanje and 1-0 to Buffaloes in Sakubva.

“Apart from those 2 losses we managed to get 6 wins and 4 draws.”

Dzvairo believes they could have done better if only the few challenges they encountered were dealt with.

“We are not impressed at all with how things are shaped. Yes it was our debut season which was supposed to be a learning process for us but we deserved to finish at least in the top 4.

“We never lost a match because we were overpowered technically. All our losses were either due to poor traveling arrangements which saw us traveling to games late and poor officiating.

“I also think we need to improve on our scouting to make sure we get quality players which match the top competition in the league.

“Besides all that we also need to make sure we put our house in order to make sure we won’t repeat the problems we faced this season. it really affected us, it can be accounted for 90% of our problems we faced.”

And commenting on playing home away from home, Dzvairo said.

“We had to play away from our fans. You all know football can’t survive without the supporters as they can cheer a team and provide moral support.

“The stadiums we were using were more than 100 km away from our base. That’s alone is playing an away game rather than a home game. That’s really affected our financial issues.

“We are planning to add experience to the squad. We lacked that and it affected us in some games. So, we realy looking forward to add at least 4 experienced guys to the squad. Apart from experience we need to recruit players who will really suit our philosophy and systems. I think that will make us a formidable side next season.

“Support will always psych you during the game whether you’re losing or you’re winning. It is very important to play games before your home fans.

“We faced some teams which had the capacity to travel with their own fans like Wangu Mazodze. Those teams almost looked like they were hosting us whilst it was us hosting us. So, it really affected our games in a big way.

“I think we need to sit every department down and let them analyze where we all got it wrong and right.

“After that we will have to rectify all the negatives and compliment the positives. We have a lot of things we learned from other clubs which we think are vital in driving us forward so we will try to apply those things as well.

“For our institution to function really well we really need to have our own mode of transport to take us to games and our own home ground.”

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