City Council takes action on violations of parking bylaws

Libinance Dokora

In response to the escalating violations of parking bylaws within the Central Business District, the City Council has taken decisive action to address the issue and restore order.

With the aim of upholding lawfulness and maintaining smooth traffic flow, the Council has implemented a series of measures to curb these violations, the publication can reveal.

The move comes as a response to growing concerns over the disregard for parking regulations, which have led to chaos and inconvenience for residents and visitors alike by prioritising the enforcement of parking bylaws, the City Council seeks to create a safer and more organised urban environment for all.

This followed recent relaxation of fines by the council especially the towing of traffic offenders in the CBD area which have witnessed the culmination of gross violation of traffic bylaws.

A snap survey by Review and Mail in the CBD reviewed that parking Marshalls were briskly going about their work, a plethora of motorists who were dismally failing to comply with the clearly set out traffic bylaws as they were parking without paying the parking fee received fines.

In an interview with this publication, the City of Harare Spokesperson Innocent Ruwende said that most motorists are not complying with the traffic bylaws as the city is now marred by disorder in some places around town.

“Ever since we relaxed the fines people are now parking anyhow in the CBD. The fines we had put were deterrent enough. Our decision to relax the fines has now backfired,” said Ruwende.

This calls for the city council to intensify its efforts in a bid to restore sanity in the CBD as the situation is not pleasant.
If a vehicle is clamped, motorists are expected to pay US$57 within three hours. The effect is that one will get a ticket of US$57 across the board no matter the offence.

If the traffic offender have been parked and is late by 30 minutes he or she will simply pay the parking fee arrear but after 30 minutes the motorist will be issued with a penalty ticket of $57 which must be settled within 3 hours.

Ruwende further highlighted that the council will step up in ensuring that all and sundry adhere to traffic bylaws by beefing up their enforcement and projected to equip the enforcers with vehicles in a bid to enable them to perform to optimum.

“We will be increasing our enforcement and will capacitate our enforcers as well with vehicles so that they can be able to enforce our bylaws,” he said.

The availing of patrol vehicles is of indispensable need as they are integral for city parking law enforcers to patrol and nip traffic offences in the bud.

However, the city council spokesperson indicated that in as much as they are working flat out to capacitate their workers with patrol vehicles and improve the road infrastructure which is in an unpleasant state, they are facing financial constraints largely attributed to hyperinflation which surfaced the country.

“We are experiencing lack of resources as we are no longer able to purchase the vehicles we wanted to purchase because our budget has been eroded by hyperinflation,” said Ruwende.

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