Chinese doctors treat 13 000 Zimbabweans in 9 months

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Over 13 000 Zimbabweans have received medical treatment from Chinese experts since the beginning of the year, Ambasador Zhou Ding has said.

China has also sent agriculture experts to assist the Southern African nation achieve productivity through technology.

Every year, the Chinese government sends medical teams to assist developing countries, with Zimbabwe benefitting from the missions since 1985.

And, this year, the 20th Batch of the China Medical Team has treated locals free of charge, while collaborating with Government.

Ambassador Zhou revealed this during the recently-held Chinese national day celebrations.

“In the first nine months of 2023, following the steps of their predecessors, the 20th Chinese medical team have treated more than 13 thousand local patients including those in very remote areas,” the envoy said.

Ambassador Zhou also revealed a batch of new Agricultural Experts Group arrived last week.

He said: “Since 2009, China has sent six batches of Agricultural Experts Group to Zimbabwe.

“The sixth Group will stay in Zimbabwe for the next three years and build agro-demonstration villages by using cutting-edge agro-technology, promoting high-yielding crop varieties, and providing agro-technical training.”

China dispatched its first foreign medical team to Algeria in 1963 and has sent a total of 30,000 medical personnel, treating 290 million local patients in 76 countries and regions. Currently, Chinese medical teams are working at 115 sites in 56 countries around the world.

China has wide-ranging cooperation with Zimbabwe under the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

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