Heavy Rains likely to impact crop harvest: Meteorological Dept.

Albert Chavhunduka

The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) has warned that the heavy rains expected in regions such as Mashonaland province might result in extensive crop damage which will will in turn lead to a reduced harvest in the affected regions.

Heavy rains of over 50millimeters are expected to spread in the Mashonaland province.

The met department warned that a tropical storm landing in Mozambique today will push into Zimbabwe coupled with intense rains and strong winds that will aggressively pound Manicaland and Masvingo provinces.

An Agrometeorologist within the met department, Benjamin Kwenda said there are high chances of crop damage to be expected.

“There are chances that exist when it comes to crop damage. Tropical cyclones are usually associated with strong winds, so what could happen is that for those with fields that have no wind breaks, the strong winds may actually result in crops falling and suffer damage,” he said.

Farmers should brace themselves for an aggressive rain and windfall, met department warns

Kwenda urged farmers to ensure that their fields have proper drainage systems so that they do not get affected.

“With the heavy rains that we are expecting in these areas, they will result mostly in water logging particularly in fields that have poor drainage which will affect the roots of crops. There is also anticipation of increased leaching effects as the rains pound in these areas,” said Kwenda.

Earlier on, the MSD has issued an alert warning following an overload depression crossing from Madagascar, entering into Mozambique with heavy rain. Southern Africa countries also issued the same warnings.

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