Chamisa, China and the yellow wave.

Albert Chavhunduka.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, the former MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday announced his new party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), dumping any ties with the MDC and its symbols all together.

Chamisa’s new party identifies with the color yellow.

“We have a new color in town yellow. Hello yellow,” he said.

“We are coming as a new entity, with a new leadership, new values and new structures. Nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with the yesterday. We are starting afresh”

“We have new everything, new headquarters, new constitution, a new mindset. A new thrust, and of course a new focus and a new philosophy.” 

Is the new philosophy inspired by the massive strides China has enjoyed on the African continent? Is this new ‘focus’ of the Citizens Coalition for Change deriving its power from China?

Is this evident of the opposition abandoning their handlers, the West and making a sudden ideological shift in the manner they have been conducting themselves?

Zimbabwe has very strong ties with China and the country has experienced a steady growth of bilateral relations with the Eastern Asian giant. It cannot be denied that many African countries are emulating and looking East for inspiration.

Despite being labelled as vehicles pushing for regime change and Western interests in Zimbabwe, opposition parties seem to be slowly softening and tapping into the East for stimulus and inspiration on how best they can run their parties.

According to the Afrobarometer, China’s growing presence in Africa has won largely positive popular reviews. Zimbabwe’s ties with China span back to our country’s struggle against colonial rule and currently they are at an all-time high.

It can be argued that the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa is drawing its inspiration from China and the rich history of its culture.

China is a country with a rich heritage and its culture plays a significant role associating symbolic or hidden meanings with different colors. The color yellow is an imperial color in traditional Chinese color symbolism. It represents power, royalty and prosperity

There is a Chinese saying that yellow generates Yin and Yang which implies that yellow is the center of everything.

In his message during the launch, Chamisa repeatedly said that his new party has a new philosophy.

“We have a new philosophy. The philosophy being to focus on the citizen, making sure that we replace the citizen in all the discourses that we have seen eliminating the citizen so that the citizen is back to the center,” he said.

The roots of the philosophy driving CCC can be traced back to China, and its deep symbolism of the color ‘yellow’ as the center of everything. There is a realisation in the opposition circles that individual politics has failed them over the years, and this explains the sudden turnaround and change of their ideology.

Now Chamisa and the leadership of his party are zooming in their focus on the ‘citizens’, something that their archrival, ZANU-PF, capitalized on for decades. There is a sudden realisation that, they should grow above politics of characters to putting the citizen as the center of their success.

In Chinese symbolism, the color yellow is also symbolic of heroism. This provides a good explanation for the whys and wherefores the newly formed party decided to associate itself with the color.

Following the events that have transpired in the MDC, factional wars, treachery, break aways and mainly the wrestle for the MDC-Alliance name between Douglas Mwonzora and Chamisa, it is no wonder that after launching his own political outfit, Chamisa perceives himself as the hero.

By divorcing the MDC in all its forms and shapes, Chamisa knew the consequences, that is, losing every institutional memory he had with the MDC, still he was determined to chart his own course. Now, Mwonzora is left in the cold, holding nothing but shells of the MDC-T and MDC-Alliance, parties he claimed leadership of.

He is the victor in the end, and this clarifies his new party’s association with the color ‘yellow’-the color of heroism.

It is beyond doubt that Zimbabwe is easing to strengthened ties with China socially, economically as well as politically. This is evidenced by Nelson Chamisa and his Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) which is currently riding on the yellow that has its location in the rich heritage and culture of the East Asian giant, China.

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