Chairman’s triumphant return

Shelly Guni

It was more than just a defeat; it carried a deep emotional weight that led to the decision to step away from the ring.

After experiencing a sixth-round knockout at the hands of Namibia’s Matheus Heita in 2021, boxing champion Tinashe ‘‘Chairman’’ Mwadziwana opted to take a break from all boxing activities.

Before this defeat, he had also suffered another loss to Nathaniel Kakololo via a technical knockout during an Africa Boxing Union featherweight title match held in Namibia.

Mwadziwana began his boxing journey in 2006 and has since participated in 32 bouts, recording 18 wins and 14 defeats.

Out of his 18 wins, 10 were achieved through knockouts (TKOs), while three of his defeats were also TKOs.
Now, precisely 17 months later, Mwadziwana makes an impressive comeback. He secured the WBF Intercontinental super featherweight title by knocking out Kamnyonyo from Malawi in the second round during the Charles Manyuchi Grand Finale tournament held in Chivhu.

“I’m excited to get back into the ring after more than a year, “I feel very happy to be here, be able to offer this fight to my people, the people who saw me grow from the beginning

“This marks the return of the chairman, a man who requires no introduction,” Mwadziwana expressed to Review and Mail Sport.

“Many things have happened [in my career] for the better and mistakes or not, it has always been for the better.

“I have achieved many things in my career that I never imagined.

“I have remained on the sidelines since the 2021 defeat in Namibia, but now I’m back and prepared to seize the moment.”

The 34-year-old athlete emphasized that his age doesn’t deter him.

“I am in excellent shape and eagerly anticipate more matches before the year concludes.

“Age is just a number for me; I do not allow it to hinder my capabilities. I am well aware of my potential once given the opportunity.

“So, brace yourself for more spectacular performances from the chairman,” he confidently stated.

“You’re a fighter second and a person first,” said Chairman, “Once I got that part right, I was ready to return. I think between the ages of 35 and 40, those are your prime fighting years

“Not a lot of people have gone through what I went through to come back better than ever, as hungry as ever,’ he said.

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