CCEZ hands over refurbished Mbare swimming pool

Chris Mahove

The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe has officially handed over to the City of Harare the Mbare swimming pool which the association helped rehabilitate to the tune of US$52 000.

Handing over the swimming people to Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume, CCEZ Deputy President, Shanel Liu said besides trade, the chamber also embraced the business culture of ploughing back to the community.

“Our unwavering commitment to the welfare of members of the communities in which we operate in has seen us being actively involved in social welfare in Zimbabwe and we support various charity projects throughout Zimbabwe. This commitment has taken us up and this life changing project, the Mbare swimming pool, was refurbished at a cost of  US$52 000 , excluding administrative costs,” she said.

Liu said the swimming pool was not just recreation facility, but would also go a long way in keeping Mbare kids off drugs.

“The importance of this swimming pool should never be under-estimated as its not only a recreation but is also a facility to keep our youths positively engaged off the street, as they say an idle mind is the devil’s playground. We hope to ensure that the youths in Mbare will now have a healthy pass-time,” she said.

She said the swimming pool would also create employment creation for the local community as well as other downstream opportunities.

“The chamber is in no doubt that the social benefits of this swimming pool are endless as we hope this will lead to Mbare churning out some of the best swimmers in the country. In addition, keeping residents healthy emotionally and socially,”

Liu however as expressed concern that some Mbare residents were already vandalizing the property with some stealing material used for the refurbishment, which led to delays in the completion of the project.

“I would like to strongly appeal to members of the Mbare community to please guard this facility jealously because during the construction of this swimming pool, we had a few incidents; we had the fence cut three times, walls knocked down people breaking in and stealing things. Some of the glasses were broken recently This is Mbare’s property, its one of the facilities that your children and yourselves can use during holiday time or enjoying the weekend. It is very important that you keep it and protect it,” she said, adding that it was possible that the swimming pool would produce the next swimming Olympian.

Tianze Tobacco Company, Itel Zimbabwe, Raging Bull also contributed to the project while Jackson Munyeza Pools was the contractor.

The CCEZ is a registered business association initiated by Chinese businesses and enterprises and has over 18 members operating from across sectors in Zimbabwe.

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