CCC unveils campaign to expose infiltration of fake candidates

Libinance Dokora

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has launched an educational campaign targeting at exposing fake candidates which recently infiltrated the party nomination court.

This comes amid fake candidates fogged the opposition party’s logo and signatures to file their candidature at Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) nomination court.

On social media CCC said, that their party is convening a comprehensive educational campaign which is targeted at exposing fake candidates who caused the issue of double candidates within the party.

“Citizens Coalition for Change is carrying out an intensive voter education campaign to ensure fake candidates are exposed,” CCC said.
The main opposition party went on to envisage that the fraudsters are not going to succeed as the people will be aware of the rightful candidates who are contesting under the ticket of the CCC.

“Fraudulent, forged candidates won’t dupe the masses. The people know who their leaders are,” the main opposition party said.
During a rally held in Gweru the CCC took time to introduce some of the candidates vying for Member of Parliament (MP) seats in the upcoming elections whose constituencies were affected by the issue of double candidates.

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