CCC takes legal action against fraudulent candidates using party name

By Libinance Dokora

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzai Mahere has unveiled that the main opposition party is taking legal action against criminals who fraudulently used their party name to file their candidacy at the nomination court ahead of 2023 national plebiscite.

This comes after Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) convened a nomination court for candidates who are going to participate in the national elections.

CCC noted with concern some criminal elements who were bent on masquerading as their party candidates with forged party logo and signatures with some of them from Harare and other areas across the country.

“It is important to note that a sting operation began to unfold and we received across the country reports from the security teams and our elections team that had started filling and some of our intelligence that there was a state driven sting operation which have now affected fifteen constituencies.

“ Investigations that were carried out by the elections department including going to ZEC to check the spacements of the forms that were filed by the fraudulents review today that they went using our logo,” said Fadzai Mahere.

According to Mahere, the allegedly unauthorised persons include Alvin Nyanhingwe from Harare central, Malvin Razaro Harare East, Trouble Hasha Harare South, George Magweta Harare South, Farai Pazarambora Harare West, Loyd Sande Hatcliffe, Admire Ebengrizer in Highfield, Therence Khumbula Hunyani, Douglas Bande Epworth South, Nyashadzashe Chitoro Chitungwiza North, Shepherd Kariramombe Chitungwisa South, Tichaona Nyikadzino Churu, Energ Tanaka Matika Warren Park, Jonathan Machokoto Mt Pleasant, Fred Michael Musarirerevhu St Marys Christmas Goremusandu Sunningdale, Dikilizwe Thsuma Bulawayo, Adrew Mutsau Kariba, FRANK Chirairo Masvingo and Misheck Manyere in Marondera.

In a statement, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzai Mahere said their party is in a process of putting in place some measures to nip in the bud criminal offenses which were perpetrated by criminals who used their name in the nomination court without being duly elected.

“Each of the twenty candidates is not a duly authorised nominee of the CCC their representation on our list is a forgery and is fraud. We are taking the necessary civil and legal steps to ensure that they are removed from our ballot. We are also engaging ZEC, we are taking our remedies in terms of the electoral law to make sure that they are removed from our ballot,” said Fadzai Mahere.

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