CCC recalls not about correcting Shona hegemony: Coltart

Political Review Writer

The recalls of opposition representatives, instigated by Sengezo Tshabangu, are “clearly a Zanu-PF project”, Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart has said.

Coltart, a veteran opposition figure, reacted with anger at the news of recall of Harare councillors, including Mayor Ian Makone and his deputy, Kudzai Kadzombe.

The latest bloodbath, which could see close to 10 office bearers being losing their seats, follows the bloodbath in Parliament where Tshabangu – who claims to be the interim secretary general of the party – caused the recall of 14 MPs.

Now, a letter emerged Thursday that purported to decimate Harare.

Writing on his X account Coltart said: “The recall of my fellow Mayor @IanMakone1 and his Deputy has clearly nothing to do with addressing any concerns about Shona hegemony in Bulawayo.

“It is obviously designed to disrupt the work they have been trying to do to stabilize Harare. I hope that all democrats will realize this is clearly a Zanu PF project.

“I unequivocally condemn this latest illegal and unconstitutional act.”

Many opposition supporters and members have blamed the President Mnangagwa ruling party of using opposition proxies to disrupt the movement.

Analysts and Zanu PF itself contend that this is “projecting” and reflect failure to address intrinsic weaknesses and contradictions in the opposition, which has undergone several fissures.

Coltart dug in: “It is clear this is a deliberate ploy to disrupt the CCC administration of cities as we attempt to tackle the major problems facing all cities.

“Zanu PF appears to think that it simply cannot afford to allow the CCC to turn our cities around as that will seriously damage their political prospects in future.”

Coltart warned that this “ploy” was risky because it would lead to Zanu-PF incurring the wrath of urban residents “if their actions prevent work being done on restoring water supplies, fixing sewage systems, repairing roads and the myriad other things which need to be done by elected local Councillors”.

“We need to stop this nonsense as a Nation and get on with the task of restoring our cities and towns,” said Coltart.

Meanwhile, another opposition member Fadzai Mahere concurred, saying: “It’s a Zanu PF scam calculated to create a one-party state.”

She added: ” These fraudulent recalls have one central objective – to destroy opposition politics.”

Party spokesman Gift Siziba said in a statement that Tshabangu’s position as self-proclaimed interim secretary general was being contested in the courts and hoped that stakeholders would disregard his unrelenting manouvres.

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