CCC promises stability within 100 days

Farirayi Kahwemba

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has promised to do away with bond notes and bring about economic stability in Zimbabwe within their first 100 days in office, if they are elected to form the next Government during the August 23 harmonised elections.

The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition party released their manifesto on August 8 in Bulawayo.

The manifesto – which is 100 pages long – outlined twenty action points the party believes will bring tangible benefits to ordinary Zimbabweans.

The opposition also party pledged to implement all the points within 100 days of assuming office and promised that Zimbabweans would enjoy a better quality of life during the short period.

The CCC manifesto further promised to introduce free universal primary education and primary healthcare as well as repeal all oppressive legislation.

“The citizens’ Government will create a conducive environment for everyone which is characterised by a market led economy powered with strong institutions, ease of doing business, policy clarity, consistency and predictability and pro-business policies,” reads the manifesto.

“Zimbabwe is renowned for its high literacy rate comparable to developed countries.

Building on this foundation, the citizens’ Government will reorient all education sectors to focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, good governance,
sciences, technology, mathematics, research and innovation.

“Our universities will be transformed into research and innovation institutions,” reads the manifesto.

The CCC also pointed out it would modernise the police service and ensure that it is truly apolitical and serves all sectors of society.

“Our vision is to build a modern, efficient, reliable, and professional police service which meets the needs the needs and requirements of all those
who live in or visit Zimbabwe,” reads the manifesto.

The manifesto also promised to improve Zimbabwe’s education and ensure that good housing is made accessible to all.

“The citizens’ Government will rebuild Zimbabwe’s education system. The New Great  Zimbabwe blueprint recognises the right to high quality
education for every Zimbabwean as a means to both personal growth and knowledge and to participate in economic and human centred development.

“We consider the right to housing and shelter, like the right to life, one of the cornerstones of human existence. The right to housing and shelter is
also inextricably linked to the right to dignity spelt out in section 51 of our constitution – without shelter there is no dignity and there is no life.

“There is an urgent need to address the challenge of housing in Zimbabwe,” reads the manifesto

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