Bullying goes a long way: Anna Chibaby Honde speaks

Belinda Mucheuki

Socialite Anna Chibaby Honde real-name Annatoria Honde believes bullying has a negative effect on the victims.

Honde who is set to speak at a business lunch at a local restaurant in the capital on September 24, 2022 is a victim of bullying herself.

The event dubbed ‘from being broken to influential’ is a women tribe initiation and is aimed at helping a number of people who have passed the same route as Honde.

Based on her social media posts, Anna has experienced bullying from a young age into her adulthood and according to her it affected her so much.

“I grew up hated by my classmates vachindituka kuti ndakashata because of bundu randaiva naro mazuva iwayo. I hated myself zvekuti l remember not going to school ndichiswera kupark asi ndabva Kumba ndakapfeka school uniform.

“When I came on social media the bullies were on me again and I had to put an end to it. andina gore ndatanga kuzvida Bridget. When I look pa mirror I see a beautiful human being. I need you to start telling your self kuti you are beautiful coz you are my love. Tozoshaya hedu zvikwanisiro but Kunaka hedu takanaka- (I grew up being bullied because of the pimples I had. Sometimes I had to skip school because of that. The bullying continued even on social media until recently when I told myself that I may be poor but I am beautiful),” said Anna.

She encourages people not to bully others no matter how strong the person seems because somehow the person will be affected.

“Rimwe gore the whole class laughed at a young girl who had stained her school uniform. 2008 and it was her first time and that was the last time she came to that school because some classmate were calling her names like red for danger. When it happens to our fellow sisters let inform them zvakanaka and help,” said Anna in another Facebook post.

Recently, she also encouraged another socialite, Bridget Sibanda (MaBrijo) who is often referred to as chibage chenyika to fight against bullying and never accept social media negativity.

“wangu wakanaka with or without makeup. Don’t be conformable with reminding yourself kuti uri chibage coz people on social media are saying that. Deep down uriwega zvinotombokurwadza kuti nyika yese why ichinditi ndakashata- (I know deep down it hurts you that the whole nation has agreed that you are ugly but you should never accept that because you are beautiful with or without makeup),” said Anna on an Instagram post in which mabrijo was tagged.

Aparently, Bridget had portrayed herself as carefree and somehow accepted social media claims that she is ugly.

Meanwhile, social media bullying has become popular. People are now used to writing negative comments on people’s posts. Whenever someone’s picture is posted even without understanding a person’s struggles, there will be some people waiting to bully them. This is not only happening to celebrities.

 Recently Zimdancehall musician, Lady Squander’s current pictures were posted along with the old ones and people responded by stating that she is on drugs without concrete evidence for their claims.

“Eish this is painful, I grew up listening to Squander a lot, every Freeman fan feels the same, she used to be the queen of Zimdancehall …say no to drugs,” read one comment.

Inini hangu zvimwe zvehutano hwavo andina basa nazvo asi Hairstyle idzo vanombodzirukwa kupi nani nguvai vazvifunga sei (I personally do not care about her health but how does she choose her hairstyles and who plaits her)?” said yet another zimcelebs follower.

After releasing his recent album, Sabastian Magacha also suffered from social media bullying and expressed that he was emotionally affected by people’s comments on his dressing.

“Handina kumboziva hangu kuti mapfekero angu akashata uyezve kuti ndatovangochani nekudakwe hembe dzangu. Handina kumboziva kuti Energy yandinayo nekufara kwandinoyita zvirikureva kuti ndakuyita zvema Drugs, Mbanje,etc.

“All l ever wanted was and is to Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ . I know handikwanisi kufadza vanhu vese uyezve handingadiwe nenyika yose, koingawani mwana komana waMwari chaiye pane vayitoto pasinaye- I did not know that my dressing is bad and makes me look like I am gay and I also did not know that my energy on stage makes me look like I am on drugs,” lamented Sabastian Magacha responding to negative comments on social media.

Anna Chibaby Honde being one of the long-time victims of bullying has agreed to be a speaker at the event teaching others how to deal with negativity.

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