Buffalo Breweries creates 133 jobs

Leafias Mazviro

In less than one operational year, Buffalo Breweries has successfully created employment for 133 individuals within Stapleford and surrounding areas.

When Buffalo Breweries started operating last year, the company’s managing director Mr. Richard Mann said, the company had only one employee who worked from home in a small office.

“We have now grown to 133 employees, of which, on my last count, 70 had not had a stable job for the past two years, or had not ever had a job, or had not ever had any form of skill.

“And we’ve managed to develop and grow those skills, which is fantastic,” Mann said.

Buffalo Breweries’ plan to enhance job creation aligns with Zimbabwean Government’s ambition to reduce unemployment and build a more prosperous nation by 2030. Mann revealed that the company took school dropouts and employed them as company drivers.

“We have taken guys who strayed out of school and converted them into forklift drivers. They are very marketable now and their skills are easily transferable to other businesses. The capacity of our plot is a material size of the market. We can definitely go and chase a large market share.

“And as I said, it is only the first part of our plan. It’s a very, very good market. And it’s a very exciting market in terms of its size. So we will probably see our workforce, I would say, comfortably double as we expand in this category and, of course, in other categories,” Mann said.

Meanwhile, the company has made a greet tangible impact to the surrounding community by building new school blocks.

However, Mann said the school wants more than the company is able to give them right now.

“We’ve got a growth point just behind the factory, there’s another one across on the other side, and there’s a large amount of workforce who work between us and our neighbours, which are very big businesses.

He added that corporate social responsibility was a major aspect of how his company conducts its business.

“Corporate social responsibility is obviously a very important part of our business. We, from the onset, even though we are a start-up and it is very tough for us in terms of cash flow and the ability for us to go and find extra money to put back into the community.”

Mann said one of the first projects that the company had embarked on and started a couple of weeks ago was to build a school block at St. Monarch School, which is a local school down the road.

St. Monarch School has 1 800 pupils. This is such a huge number that the school now has to have a morning and afternoon shift to cater for everyone, said Mann.

“A lot of our staff’s children go there. In the future, a lot of our future employees will come from that school. And the school supports this local community. We’ve got a growth point just behind the factory.

“There’s another one across on the other side. And there’s a large amount of workforce who work between us and our neighbours, which are very big businesses.

“So we’re building a school block at the moment, an ECD to house a few more children, and we’re planning to put in a football field and a sports facility for the children as well.

“I know the school wants more than we are able to give them right now. I would say that probably investment would probably be somewhere close to about $50 000,” Mann said.

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