British billionaire exploring wildlife in Zimbabwe

Leafias Mazviro

During their visit to Zimbabwe, Richard Branson, a wealthy British entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group, and his family dedicated a significant amount of time exploring the country’s top wildlife destinations.

Many people were curious about why he was in the country because his visit was kept secret and well

Last week, a government spokesperson named Nick Mangwana shared the first picture of Branson in the
He tweeted that there is something exciting happening for Zimbabwe’s aviation industry.

However, when Branson left, he wrote a blog post on his website that included photos of him canoeing on
the Zambezi River, spending time with his family during sunset, and observing elephants.
The post described it as a pleasant family vacation.

“Many years ago, when Holly and Sam were kids, my family had the pleasure
of travelling down the Zambezi River. Mum and Dad came along, and we even managed to get Joan in a canoe! It was an extraordinarily beautiful trip, going through the Mana Pools and seeing some incredible
wildlife,” Branson wrote.

He added that his visit was made possible by friends engaged in wildlife conser- vation projects in the country.

“It was delightful joining Tim (Evans) and his son, Wilf, my sister, Vanessa, my
 daughter-in-law, Isabella, and a wonderful group of conservationists to camp and canoe down the magnificent river.
We had to watch out for enormous crocodiles, buffalo and hippos that could accidentally tip over our canoes.

Thankfully, we had brilliant guides,” he said.

He went to places like the Zambezi Elephant Fund and Wilderness Destinations Ruckomechi Camp to help
save wildlife. These projects belong to a charity named The Rise Fund, which he played a role in establishing.

Many people in the business community were happy to see Branson visit before the general elections on 23 August.
In the past, he enjoyed studying politics in southern Africa.

He played a role in the beginning of The Elders, a group that was initially led by Nelson Mandela.

During the 2018 general elections, The Elders told the people of Zimbabwe to think about what is best for their country and not hurt anyone when voting.

In 2010, he created a charitable organization named Enterprise Zimbabwe. The aim was to convince people
who have money to invest it in Zimbabwe. He thought it was not right for the world to deny Zimbabwe the money it needed to rebuild during the Government of National Unity.

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