Britain pays £49 per week to its pensioners in Zimbabwe

By Senior Writer
The United Kingdom government is paying British pensioners based in Zimbabwe £48.98 or US$61 per week, as part of its obligations to retirees.
On average, UK pensioners receive £70.61 or US$88.12 per week worldwide although this varies from high earning pensioners in Azerbaijan who earn £166.77 or US$208.15; to £33.01 (US$41.20) in Faroe Islands or Greenland’s £23.21 (US$28.97).
Laura Trott, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions revealed these figures in written responses to inquiries by Independent MP, Rob Roberts in the House of Commons on Monday.
Trott said as of November 2020, the average (mean) amount of State Pension paid to individuals who live outside the UK was £70.61 per week.
Roberts had sought to know about the cost to the public purse of increasing the State Pension paid to UK pensioners resident overseas to the level it would have been had it increased in line with inflation in each year since 2010 and the cost to the public purse of continuing to increase the State Pension paid to UK pensioners resident overseas in line with inflation in each year between 2023 and 2030, starting from that value.
Trott provided a breakdown of the figures relating to pensioners by their countries of residence.
No figures were given to the total number of UK overseas pensioners or by each country and the total amount paid out.
In February the Mirror reported that nearly 500,000 Brits overseas faced poverty after pension increases have been frozen for 70 years except where Britain has a reciprocal agreement with the country they now live in.
The Mirror said successive UK governments had been reluctant to strike such deals because of the extra £640million cost to the £110 billion-a year-pensions bill.
Procedurally, former workers can claim State Pension abroad if they’d have paid enough UK National Insurance contributions to qualify.
Pensions are paid every four or 13 weeks but if the State Pension is under £5 per week, it will be paid once a year in December, according to the UK government official website.

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