Brand Zimbabwe well positioned for world tourism- Koti

Chris Mahove

In yet another milestone for Zimbabwe tourism, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Head of Corporate Affairs, Godfrey ‘Chief’ Koti has been recognised by Africa Intelligence as one of the four next generation of movers and shakers in business and politics in the African continent.

Koti received the acclaim together with Proscovia Nabbanja (Uganda), Manuel Gomes da Conceicao Homem (Angola) and Michrist Kaba-Mboko (Congo).

“My understanding is that the recognition comes to the young vibrant Africans who would have done well to position brand Africa so they just pick various leaders, business people, politicians, amongst our communities particularly young ones below the age of 40 or 50 who they need people to watch in terms of level of excellence in terms of delivery in whatever industry they are in,” Koti told Review & Mail in an interview at the weekend.

He said the latest development was a nod for Zimbabwe as a country to put its best foot forward it was a sure sign that all eyes were on the Southern African nation.

“In a bigger picture it really speaks to what is currently obtaining in the country; how we are selling brand Zimbabwe and how we are positioning destinations in Zimbabwe from a tourism perspective. So it’s something that is obviously quite encouraging that drives one’s energies up and I am grateful to African Intelligence for watching and seeing that; but also it is a very rude awakening to the fact that people are watching whatever that it is we are doing so in this case the outcome is very positive and for me definitely the sky is the limit,” he said.

Koti said it was the little steps that the country was making in marketing brand Zimbabwe that were making the change and bringing about transformation in the country.

“So with the position that I have currently at work at the ZTA I am very privileged to interact with people and share the story of Zimbabwe which gave us this recognition. I will continue pressing and making it good in what I do. In that same vein I am really grateful to those that have provided the platform for me to be able to do what I do, particularly the Minister of Tourism here in the country; he has continually encouraged me to be who I am and of course Winnie Muchanyuka; she has done quite amazingly and fueled the confidence and I am also grateful for what has happened here; it is something great,” he said.

The ZTA was recently at the World Travel Market (WTM), a global business to business travel show in London, UK where they positioned Zimbabwe as a Must visit destination as the world opens up after the Covid-19 induced lockdowns.

The organisation launched the Visit Zimbabwe Campaign which aims to propagate the Zimbabwe Destination brand through different avenues and has in the past few months exhibited at different travel expos to raise awareness on the tourist sites found in Zimbabwe

The country has also made great strides on the domestic tourism front with the launch of the ‘Zimbho’ campaign bearing fruits as local tourism figures continue to grow.

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