Popular radio DJ, Bozhongora, goes to court court to recover lobola groceries

Court Correspondent

National FM radio presenter Washington Marimira popularly known as Bozhongora last week approached the Harare Civil court seeking to recover money and groceries he had bought while preparing to pay lobola for his girlfriend in December last year.
Marimira also sought a protection order against the woman, Nyasha Zenge, whom he said was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him.

In the court, it emerged that beneath the veneer of the cheerful radioman, was a troubled personal life as he traeed accusations with his lover.
Marimira told the court that Zenge once sent people to kill him.
“I saw people whom she sent to attack me but when they saw me they just said it’s you,” he said.

He said those people told him that they had been sent by Zenge.

He said he was supposed to pay lobola for Zenge but failed because of her behavior.
“She should return the grocery that I bought for lobola and she should return the money that I spent hiring deco,photo shoot ,dresses and catering for the function,”he said.

He said the court should bar Zenge from visiting his workplace

In her opposing affidavit Zenge who was being represented by her lawyer Mr Killian Mandiki said Marimira was not telling the truth that she was his ex-girlfriend as they were due to be married.
“We were meant to wed in December 2023 but I fell gravely ill and the celebration couldn’t proceed.We ultimately had a huge celebration of life just this January because we couldn’t regather the quorum for lobola ceremony,”she said.
Zenge said the only acts of physical abuse that have been seen to happen are orchestrated by the Maremera who accuses her of wasting his money by not following through with the wedding.
She added that the threats of violence and death all fictitious.
“The Applicant has caused my arrest as he knows our legal system better than I do,he now trolls me and follows me to public places and I can’t even go anywhere,”said Zenge.

She told the court that Maremera was in the habit of going to her parent’s house and harassing them.
“Regarding a breach of peace, I simply pray for a reciprocal order.
However the magistrate granted the reciprocal orders.
She ordered both to maintain peace,stay away from each other and not to visit or harass one another.

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